Ginger Drops

Enjoy our original ginger candies
Not only on trips, but on every day!

IBONS® Ginger Drops – good things with ginger

Concentrated ginger, long-lasting and easy to measure out.

What makes them so special:They have a fresh lemon taste with a slight spicy tang. Despite a high ginger content, the drops are not too spicy and can be taken using a spoon even on trips by ship, car, or train. Not even a glass of water is required.


IBONS® Ginger Drops – concentrated ginger, taken directly, practical and mobile

No need to spend time peeling and cutting ginger. No need to wait when steeping tea, since you have ginger ready at hand – everywhere and always, long-lasting and accurately measured out.

IBONS® Ginger Drops – high concentration of ginger plus vitamin C

Vitamin C gives your mouth a pleasant taste of lemon. And of course vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

IBONS® Ginger Drops – no alcohol or preservatives

Our drops contain not only a high concentration of ginger, but are also carefully prepared and contain no alcohol or preservatives (E numbers).

IBONS® Ginger Drops – many different uses

Simply enjoy them simply by themselves – on trips or simply add them to tea or a drink for an additional note. If you enjoy experimenting, we can readily recommend that you use them to season food or drinks. Ginger gives a brand-new, pleasant note to almost every dish.

And then there is also the spicy tang of ginger, which lets you breathe freely.See for yourself! Whether on their own, in water or in another drink,
IBONS® Ginger Drops are always ready-to-eat.



Product information

No preservatives or E numbers.
Recommended intake: fifteen drops twice daily in water or another drink.

Ingredient: Stabilizer glycerin, water, ginger root powder, ascorbic acid (vitamin C)