Ginger Drink

IBONS® Ingwerdrink Dosen

Ginger Drink with the fresh taste of lemon

The new IBONS® Ginger Drink enchants with its sweet lemon flavor sharpened with a slight note of ginger. Pleasant and tasty to drink, it adds a fiery note that can almost be addictive!

IBONS® Ginger Drink – fresh – fruity – fiery

In its own special way, the new IBONS® Ginger Drink is vitality with a shot of caffeine.

IBONS® Ginger Drink – refreshing any time of day

IBONS® Ginger Drink has a particularly pleasant, refreshing effect during or after a relaxing sauna, massage, or wellness session, to make body and spirit feel fit again from the inside out.

IBONS® Ginger Drink – ideal for mixing!

Puts a bit of fresh, spicy flavor into any boring long drink – right away, every swallow is a new pleasure! Thanks to the slight spicy tang of ginger, it opens up new combination possibilities even for familiar old drinks and gives free rein to your imagination.

IBONS® Ginger Drink – best served ice cold!

Just try it – on top of ice in the summer and you will experience how refreshing and vitalizing the IBONS® Ginger Drink can be.


Product information

Ingredients: dairy product 51% (with milk), water, cane sugar, extract of ginger and malt, lemon juice concentrate, carbonation, aroma, acidifier citric acid, taurine, acidity regulator sodium citrate, aroma: caffeine, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B12

Made in Austria

– Gluten-free

IBONS® Ginger Drink – ideal for mixing!