Ginger Mango

Fruity, Fiery, Fine

IBONS® Mango give you a fruity kind of surprise.

The flavor of ripe mango makes for a slightly exotic taste on your tongue and harmonizes ideally with the spicy tang of our ginger. A fruity, spicy surprise for any palate, and one you simply have to try.

Our tip: Steep 2-3 candies in hot water for an aromatic tea.




Product information

These ginger candies are still made without any additives.
Available commercially: 92g bag
Available at pharmacies: 60g box (Central Pharmaceutical Number (PZN) 7225848)

Ingredients: cane sugar, ginger (7%), mango aroma (0,7%), starch (tapioca)

Made in Indonesia

– Can contain traces of peanut
– Store in a cool, dry place


Nutritional value of 100g

Caloric value (in kcal) 381
Protein (in g) 0,3
Carbohydrates (in g) 91,0
of these, sugar (in g) 69,5
Fats (in g) 1,8
of these, saturated fatty acids (in g) 1,0
Roughage (in g) 1,1
Sodium (in g) 0,002

Enjoy our original ginger candies
Not only on trips, but on every day!